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3M India Tech Connect 2017 highlights high-tech auto solutions

3M India

3M India Tech Connect 2017, a technology event organised by global multi-sector technology solution provider 3M, showcased latest automotive solutions in aftermarket segment, advance transportation technologies for future smart cities and cost-cutting green solutions for industrial purpose.

The event that was hosted at 3M India’s R&D facility in Bangalore displayed and demonstrated advanced products developed across 3M’s 46 technology platforms.

As the details shared to the visiting media persons, 3M India said its R&D facility was built with the intention to accelerate development of products ‘in India for India’.  TechConnect was conceptualised to offer a platform for its customers and display an ecosystem to collaborate and co-create solutions by combining various technologies of 3M to develop unique new products.

Debarati Sen, 3M India’s Managing Director, said, “Our R&D centres in India have relentlessly worked towards understanding the needs of Indian households and markets to cater to the local needs of consumers. Our focus is also to bring to India, the best of 3M’s technologies while manufacturing products in India, in order to drive India’s growth and work closely with Government’s ‘Make in India’ project.”

3M IndiaThe R&D centre showcased its innovation in the areas of heat and light management,  adhesives, non-woven, advanced materials, electricals and electronics, films and advanced lighting.

Commenting at the maiden launch of Tech Connect, Dr. Kris Sridhar, Executive Director – R&D, 3M India Region, said, “India is a unique market in terms of its climate, culture and lifestyle. Therefore, it is imperative to offer practical solutions for India that impact human lives positively here, using 3M’s technologies.” He added, “The Tech Connect is an attempt to unlock all our technologies and innovations to collaborate and co-create solutions and products with our partners and customers.”

Some of the unique products showcased in the event related to automotive and transport sector include Films to protect exterior surface of car, Smart Variable Messaging Sign Boards and 3M Solar Raised Pavement Marker.

3M India
Visiting Journalists at 3M India R&D Centre in Bangalore

Smart Variable Messaging Sign Boards were deployed in Bangalore during the Aero Show, in Assam during the Brahmaputra river festival and many other cities as well which won many accolades from traffic authorities and commuters. In addition to providing real time traffic updates, this system is also designed to intelligently pick up information from road side sensors to provide real time parking information to commuters.

3M Solar Raised Pavement Marker is a sustainable solution for road safety, the innovative full plastic body 3M Solar Raised Pavement Marker is designed with several unique features resulting in superior performance and increased run time. Solar Raised Pavement Marker (RPM) utilizes the sun’s energy to power a ‘ring’ of light that offers warning on medians during night driving. 3M Light Management Technology ensures uniform light through the ring, while the raised profile of the RPM offers tactile feedback to deliver passive safety.

Over the past five years, 3M has filed more than 100 patents from R&D centres in India. 3M’s R&D centres also have a design studio where Design Thinking tools and methodologies are used to uncover latent and unmet needs of their customers. 3M applies science and innovation to make a real impact by igniting progress and inspiring innovation in lives and communities across the globe.

3M India is headquartered in Bangalore with branch office in Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai  and Chennai. 3M leverages its global innovation expertise to develop home-grown solutions that address unique needs of diverse customers in the Indian market. 3M has invested in Innovation Centers at Bangalore and Gurgaon to boost local product development and its manufacturing footprint is spread across Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Q&A with Dr. Kris Sridhar, Executive Director – R&D, 3M India Region

3M India

Majority of your income is from the industrial sector, under which automotive is one of your vertical. How do you see auto sector growing in India and related business prospects for 3M India?

It is a big opportunity for us. More automotive factories are being set up in India and the people are buying more and more vehicles. We have great relationship with OEMs across the world. As the global OEMs coming to India, it is beneficial for us. And also we have great relationship with the Indian companies like Maruti, Mahindra and Tata. So we will continue to do that. We are also catering Indian automotive aftermarket sector.

Can you talk a bit about your products globally and specific to India?

We have more than 65,000 products globally. All of them are not sold in India but number of them are being sold in India. The sales and product numbers are increasing in India. Generally when we move into subsidiary like in India, we start with imports of our products. Then we localize the products with local raw materials where ever we have manufacturing facilities. Then we look at for developing products specific to the local market.

Any notable product contribution related to transport sector in upcoming smart cities concept in India?

Yes. Right now we are going through a good pilot project in Pune.  3M’s Smart Variable Messaging Sign have been installed there. Now even other cities are showing interest in this concept. 3M’s Smart Variable Messaging Sign solution provides real time and automated traffic updates, journey time, live congestion updates for important junctions and also intelligently suggests alternate optimal routes for road users to reach their destination sooner and safer. The 3M Smart Variable Messaging Sign solution also provides live weather updates, live air quality updates, and serves as a single window medium for dispatching emergency information to citizens across government agencies like Police, Fire, Ambulance, highway patrol etc.

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