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3M makes it big in Indian car detailing sector

3M Car Care

Car detailing major 3M Car Care is gaining major attention in the Indian car service sector, offering unique solutions.

Wash the car with just half a litre of water or change the painting with colourful wafer films at your choice or cleaning germs inside the car – all possible with affordable offerings from 3M.

Kick-started its operations in 2011, today the aftermarket giant has around 45 types of car detailing services at its stores across the country.

Talking to Automotive India News, Ajay Jain, VP, Automotive Aftermarket Division, 3M India, said, Under the category of car exterior itself, the company has services like UV Protect, 3M Paint Sealant Program, Trizact Treatment and Powershine Exterior Treatment. The car care treatments start at Rs 990.

One of its exterior program Wrap Film 1080 is gaining momentum with the car lovers who wants to maintain the glamour of their vehicle with different colours.

The film gives the car a premium look while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

It is a removable, cast film for vehicle detailing, decoration and full car wraps. The films are engineered to conform to the curves and contours of an automobile.

3M Car Care

When required, it can be heated to curve and conform around the most complex car surfaces, like a rear view mirror for example.

The Superior dual cast 3M vinyl car wrap is available in Carbon Fiber, Matte and Gloss finishes.These films can be useful even for part of the car to cover scratch.

Vinay K, 3M FranchiseeVinay K, who owns the 3M Franchisee at Koramangala in Bangalore, says there are more than 100 colour options available to change the colour of your car.

It starts from Rs 250 per square feet to Rs 499 and the material is imported one from its production plant in the United States.

A car’s underbody is exposed to the most wear and tear caused by muddy water, potholed roads, stones and other obstacles on the road. Because it’s not in plain sight, we often do not see the damage.

Jain  said 3M Underbody Treatments offers you a long term solution for issues related to corrosion and rust. First the car under body is washed and degreased. Then, the 3M protective coat is applied with Body Schutz gold gun (5 year Warranty) or Undershield gun (2 year warranty).

Car detailing work in progress in 3M Car Care store in Koramangala, Bangalore

The car care company is also providing Nomad Mats with the proprietary terra matting loop system trap dust and dirt more effectively, causing dirt and water to fall to the bottom of the mat so that they do not spread to other areas and can be dusted off and cleaned easily.

They are specially designed in an open loop structure, which help in keeping car floor surface clean by trapping and hiding dirt and liquid.

3M Car Care

The commuters in the car experience very high noise levels on the roads these days leading to high stress levels. To add to that, driving at high speeds can also cause loud vibrations.

The 3M Acoustics Solution applied on doors to instrument panels and from trunks to headliners reduce air-borne noise and provides better sound quality.

The 3M Acoustics solution treatment involves the installation of Vibration Dampeners, Sound Absorber and the Noise Sealing Tape. The compressible and flexible layers also provide excellent thermal insulation. The 3M Acoustics Treatment is water-resistant, thus reducing the chances of mold, mildew, corrosion and odors.

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The dry wash service of 3M utilizes only half a litre of water as compared to conventional regular service with huge amount of 150 litre water.

Its Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (DFSC) program restores uniform fuel spray, thereby ensuring proper combustion, reducing excessive some while increasing fuel consumption and engine performance of the vehicle.

Ajay Jain, VP, Automotive Aftermarket Division, 3M India reveals  more details about 3M Care Care to Jaishankar Jayaramiah of Automotive India News

Ajay Jain, 3M Car Care

Excerpts :-

Totally how many 3M car care outlets you have in India and where it is highly concentrated?

As in October 2017, we have 101 car care outlets. Bangalore is our home turf where we have opened our first station a few years ago. Today we have 17 stores in Bangalore alone. However we are spreading our wings fast across the country.  We are serving in 33 cities like Jaipur, Indur, Nagpur, Nasik and even in Tier II cities like Guntur, Salem, Kohlapur and Nellore. We are planning to open around 35 more stores in 2018 including in Eastern part of India.

 Can you detail about your Franchise format ?

The large formats cover around 2,500 to 3300 sq ft with 8-10 bays. The real estate cost matters. We also have format with 3-5 bays. The smallest formats with two bays can also be created for Tier II cities or as an extension of the existing stores.

How your Franchisees are feeling about their business and what is the breakeven period for the investment?

Many of our Franchisees are opening their second outlet too after witnessing fruitful results in their first venture.  Please note that our 101 stores are being operated by 70 Franchisees. The franchise stores achieve breakeven in around eight months when it performs at its best. The average performing stores  achieve the same in around 12 months. The store that picks up slowly will take around 15 months to witness breakeven point.

What is you current car detailing count status?

On an average a store services around 150-200 cars a month. Some of the stores are even getting 300 cars. The annual service count stands at around 300,000 cars in our stores.

You have any plans for 2-wheelers?

Yes the two-wheeler population in the country grown phenomenally. To address this potential, we are planning to launch Bike Care stores too in India starting from 2018 with 20 outlets to begin with.  It will be dedicated Bike Care format.   We are very clear about our core. Cleaning, detailing and personalization will all be the services offered in bilk care formats.

What are your other formats of car care service?

We also have 3M car care centres in fuel stations. As of now the stores are situated in around 10 petrol bunks of Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum.   In addition, we also have mobile service vans to service cars at customers door step. As of now we have 12 mobile vans – all operated by our existing Franchisees.

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