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AAMCO Franchise offer 6 vehicle tips to tackle winter

Winter Drive

AAMCO Franchise, the global car care service provider, has provided six tips for the car owners to get their automobiles ready for the cold winter season.

AAMCO, which has around 700 automotive centers spread across the US and Canada,  serves over 45 million drivers and offer services such as tire and brake repairs, tune-ups, shocks and struts, routine maintenance and many more.

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Bruce Chidsey, the VP of Technical Support at AAMCO says, “Best way to keep a car or truck functioning safely and reliably is via routine preventive maintenance.

The six steps to care for the inside, outside and under the hood of the vehicle for the winter is as follows:

  • AAMCO Never keep the Gas tank completely empty. It should be at least half full all the time so as to prevent moisture build up, which could later cause the gas lines to freeze.
  • Ensure that the battery is free of dust and dirt. If ever found dirty, remove the cables and cleanse the battery in a mix of water and baking soda. Once cleansed, as you go on to connect the battery back, make sure the wires are tight. Cold weather may cause the battery to lose power, hence make sure to do monthly checkups of the battery. Also make sure to change the battery if it is two or three years old.
  • Make sure to keep the fluid to the required level, adding more when needed. Antifreeze is a mix of 50-50 coolant to water. At the same time make sure not to use the 100 percent coolant, in freezing weather, because it expands and causes destruction of the engine blocks
  • Use snow tires for better traction on the roads or change the vehicles tires if they need to be replaced. Regular check is necessary as cold air lowers the air pressure, causing the drive to be less optimal as it drains the fuel and also results in uneven tread wear.
  • It would serve the car better, if you can wash and wax the car regularly so as to keep it free of salt which normally cause the cars to rust.
  • Always keep ready the emergency car kit

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