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Automotive India News set up office in United States as part of global expansion

Automotive India News

Automotive India News, a premium India-based B2B automobile journal, has set up its office in the United States.

Functioning from New Jersey, the new U.S. Office will cover the markets of North America and Europe. The New Jersey office will also cover selective countries in the Asian market like China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Headed by Asha Ramesh, a marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience in  the global marketing field at various top positions, will spearhead the functions of the new office in the United States.

Asha will serve as the Global Marketing Head for Automotive India News and chalk out space marketing strategies for India as well as for the global markets. The New Jersey office will be reporting to its headquarters in Bangalore in India.

Jaishankar Jayaramiah, Managing Editor of Automotive India News, said, “Automotive India News already has a tremendous readership base across the globe through its webedition. Since we are participating in major automobile related trade events through JMC Publications, it will be convenient for us to cover the trade expos in the North American and European markets too through our new office in New Jersey and connect the business readers and advertisers with our  India-based print edition.”

Jayaramiah said the Indian market is important for the global automobile OEMs as well as for Tier 1s, for both imports and exports.

The Tier 1s in India always show interest to  read the news coverage on the buyers in the North American and European markets for exports. Vice versa, the OEMs and Tier 1s in developed countries keep tracking to source cost effective at the same time quality automotive products from India.

He said, “Both our print and webeditions will bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in the automotive space in India and overseas markets, developed countries in particular through our new office in New Jersey.”

Jayaramiah added, “Asha Ramesh brings more than two decades of marketing experience that inturn will propel the growth of Automotive India News in the developed markets like North America and Europe.”

“We welcome Asha Ramesh to India’s one of the popular B2B automotive journals. Our publications is taking various steps to reach newer markets. Asha’s expertise will take the company to newer heights,” he said.

Automotive India News

Further the company is in the process of re-launching its print edition from the next September from India through JMC Publications. This is the right time that a global marketing expert joining the organization, he added.

Taking charge at the U.S.Office, Asha Ramesh, said, “Automotive India News is already quite popular in the Indian and other Asian markets. Now setting up an office in the U.S will expand its presence across the globe, especially in the North American and European markets.”

The OEMs and Tier 1s in the North American and European markets are showing interest in placing advertisements in the Indian B2B automobile magazines for their products to reach India as well as to source automobile components from India, she said.

We will use this opportunity to get business for print edition in India from the developed markets, she added.

Both the editorial and marketing personal will be functioning from the New Jersey office, she added. The New Jersey office will support its headquarters in India in getting advertisement for the both print and webeditions.

For advertisement and editorial enquiries, the clients can contact the New Jersey office at 18, Barnett Place, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854, U.S.A. Phone # 732-309-5994, 732-762-9929. Asha Ramesh can be reached through her mail : asha@automotiveindianews.com

Launched on May 10, 2015, the webedition of Automotive India News (www.automotiveindianews.com) covers B2B news in the Indian automobile industry. The company is redesigning its print edition, which will be re-launched with a new look in September 2017.

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