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Bosch forecast positive growth for India


Bosch India headquarters in Bangalore

Germany-based auto component and technology major Bosch is forecasting strong growth over the next few years for India, hence for its products and solutions too in the country.

Bosch has huge operations in India with its headquarters in Bangalore, the city that is known as the technology capital of India.

The company expects the country’s economy to grow by six percent this year and forecasts positive development over the medium and long term.

Dr Steffen Berns, President of Bosch Group’s Indian operations said “The new Indian government is systematically addressing key issues like infrastructure and education. The company is confident that this attitude will positively impact on the country’s development.”

In a press statement, Berns said, “The Bosch Group has been active in India since 1922 and continues to witness a healthy business climate in the country. Especially, Bosch has many opportunities in the areas like industry, mobility, packaging, infrastructure and energy,” he added.

The“Make in India” initiative promoted by the Indian government will advance industrialization while modernizing production in the country. The implementation of intelligent and connected solutions in manufacturing sector will play key role and Bosch is very well positioned in this area, Berns added .

Bosch is a leading provider of solutions for connected industry. The technology company offers a wide range of solutions including drives, sensors, automation solutions and software to connect the machineries in a manufacturing facility. To achieve connected industry solutions, the Bosch Group is also having partnership with leading IT companies like Tech Mahindra in India and Cisco in the USA.

Robert Bosch’s largest development centre outside Germany, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) is located in Bangalore and Coimbatore in South India. RBEI employs around 15,000 people and one of its focused areas is developing solutions for connected industry.

For instance, the engineers in the Indian development centre have developed software that connects all the machinery in a manufacturing facility spanning across industries including automotive. This enables to monitor the production status and supply chain while also addressing machine failures.

Since last one year, the Bangalore development centre has also been focusing on big data analytics. This software-based model can analyze big data collected in manufacturing and performs algorithm-based statistical analysis. Currently Bosch is using this solution at its manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Jaipur

Already 20 of the total 250 plants of Bosch are equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions. These solutions are under utilization in the company’s diesel plant in Nashik. The information gathered through these solutions can be used to draw up a schedule for packing, shipping and installation.

For emerging markets like India, Bosch Group is focusing on locally developed solutions as to meet the demands of the local market. For an instance, Bosch has developed an electronic hitch control for the Indian tractor market as well as a common-rail system for automotive engines.

The company has also come out with an affordable engine management system, which is specially designed for the Indian two-wheeler market.

Bosch has more than tripled its turnover in India in the past 10 years to 1.2 billion euros in 2013. The company has a workforce of around 28,000 employees in India, spanning across 11 production and development centres. In the past five years, the Bosch Group has pumped in investment of around 680 million euros to expand manufacturing and research facilities in India.

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