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Bosch India develops connected solutions for mining segment

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Bosch India is developing solutions that connect miners and mining equipment using its Internet of Things (IoT) platform  and expertise available across various domains.

The Germany technology major has been developing various solutions in the connected domain-relating to fleet and logistics management,

Sreenivasan, head, engineering, off-highway solutions, Bosch India. said, “The solution from Bosch can increase the levels of automation in the mining industry that inturn improves operational efficiency as it enhances productivity through improved asset utilization.”

He said the IoT-based solution also helps the mining OEM to focus on accountability by reducing costs, thus improving profitability.

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Bosch India is working to acquire large mining automation projects in India as well as abroad in the future.

Bosch’s solution enables the mining OEM to track the movement of associates using the Group’s access control system.

To gauge the entry of heavy commercial vehicles, the German technology major provides an RFID based boom barrier control solution.

Apart from addressing requirements related to fleet and miner management Bosch India’s solution also targets to address other key areas of the mining segment like production, maintenance and dispatch management.

Bosch is able to offer core technologies, such as connectivity, video surveillance and access control systems providing an indisputable value proposition to mining companies, said Sreenivasan.

India’s mining industry is expected to play a key role as top mining companies ar targeting to double their output in the next 5 years.

Bosch, hence, foresees lucrative opportunities in this segment, such as the prospect of providing simple CCTV based monitoring systems, vehicle tracking solutions to offering fully integrated connected mining solutions.

Bosch’s connectivity control unit (CCU) monitors the fleet through truck dispatch system, apart from monitoring the vehicle’s health. Its video surveillance systems observe activities in critical areas like weighbridge and dump yards.

The team responsible to develop solutions for mining at Bosch India was set up with the objective of offering innovative solutions specific to the Indian off-highway segment.

One of the key enablers has been the availability of engineering competence in diverse areas within Bosch India, which has the largest development center outside Germany.

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