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Bosch India smart solutions for transport, smart cities to create buzz in India

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Sensor-based smart solutions offered by Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI), a R&D division of Bosch in India, are expected to create ripples in the Indian road transport sector.

With the demand for latest technologies increasing in the auto sector, the auto R&D gained momentum while Bosch like technology majors cashing in on the opportunity.

Now transportation is not just passenger-vehicle-road concept, but it also involves so many other features like Internet of Things, Connected Vehicle, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and primarily, future transport aligning with upcoming smart cities.

Predicting huge opportunities in this sector, Robert Bosch Engineering Solutions has set up a dedicated Smart Cities Laboratory at its Bangalore research centre, where Automotive India News visited recently to check the latest innovations.

Natural Interactions in Virtual World 

Till recent years, the car companies were spending much to physically design their cars or academic institutions were struggling to train the trainees with real demonstration products. But the Virtual Realty solution offered by RBEI makes it easy.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
Demo of Virtual Reality solutions at RBEI

Immersion into virtual reality is a perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. The perception is created by surrounding the user of the VR system in images, sound or other stimuli that provide an engrossing total environment.

Hand gestures are one of the most natural ways of interactions. The demonstration presented to visiting media including Automotive India News recently at RBEI’s Bangalore centre has shown how natural interaction with the virtual world will improve the virtual reality experience. It gave the glimpse of how this can improve interactive automotive trainings in VR.

Intelligent Traffic Management

RBEI’s latest addition to Smart City offering – Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) is likely to attract several Indian cities in the near future.


The increased density of vehicle movement and lack of proper infrastructure in cities and in highways leads to traffic congestion, traffic violations, massive delays and increased fuel wastages.

Internet of Things (IoT) is driving innovations that make it possible for standalone devices like sensors, video cameras to be connected to the road conditions.

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With an intention to offer an intelligent traffic control and management system, the Bosch IoT Suite solution will provide meaningful information to the traffic management centres in real-time.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business SolutionsTalking to Automotive India News, Vijay Ratnaparkhe, President & Managing Director, Robert Bosch Engineering Solutions, said, “Robert Bosch Engineering Solutions has developed several solutions for Intelligent Transport Management. The company has recently set up its Smart Cities Lab at its Bangalore centre and carrying out several projects in this area.”

On pilot basis, the company has installed the ITM system at the Forum Traffic signal in Koramangala on Hosur Road, which is one of the busiest traffic junctions in Bangalore.

The sensor-based ITM system, installed at traffic signal, capture images of traffic violators and send it to the central monitoring station, enabling automatic generation of E-Challan for Red light violations at traffic junctions.

Ratnaparkhe also said the company has recently rolled out an accelerator programme for start-ups called DNA ‘discover, nurture and align’.

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This platform offers start-ups the opportunity of gaining access to Bosch’s working environment.

Camera-based Intelligent Transport System

Another innovative product that RBEI developed was Intelligent Transport System (ITS). As part of commuter Safety: “Panic Buttons” are placed at predefined location inside the Bus. On pressing this Panic Button (during distress situation), In Vehicle Computer (IVC) will capture images from camera and send these real time snapshot to Command and Control station for further evaluation and action .

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

As part of commuter convenience: In ITS mobile app, one of the feature, where the commuter can search Bus Stops around the Point of Interest (POI) and on selecting particular Bus Stop, it will list all Buses to the destination with ETA.

Vehicle Parking in Intelligent Way

ParkingYet another major solution from RBEI portfolio was Intelligent Parking Management (IPM), through which the number plate of the vehicle of the employee is captured at entry and exit. Every number plate captured will be correlated with the parking slot booking database to register the entry/exit.

ParkingThe Intelligent Parking Management application will calculate the number of available slots and push the data to both Web and Mobile applications.

The IPM can be used on commercial scale through mobile apps in locating parking slots in the cities in the future.

Pollution Monitoring Sensing System

R K ShenoySharing more details about RBEI inventions, R K Shenoy, Senior Vice President, RBEI, said that Global warming, Climate concerns and Fossil Fuels are key priorities amongst environmentalists, policy makers and industry. There is also widespread concern amongst people in the mega cities about environment and its effect on health. In this case, accurate data can support and help drive effective analysis of pollution. .

The IoT Gateway together with the Pollution Monitoring Sensing System can be used in Cities, Manufacturing Plants, Mines, Industrial complexes and Highways.

Bosch’s Micro-Climate Monitoring Systems (MCMS-01) is a high performing, highly integrated and compact air pollution and environment monitoring system for cities, residential and industrial applications.

Bosch Pollution Monitoring System

The MCMS-01 uses the state-of-art electro-chemical gas sensing technology for NO2, SO2, CO and Ozone (O3) together with highly accurate particulate matter sensors for PM2.5 and PM10.0. The system can provide very reliable and accurate result for a fraction of the cost of conventional or traditional pollution monitoring equipment. In addition the unit monitors weather and environmental parameters such as Temperature, Relative Humidity, Sound, Pressure and Light.

The MCMS-01 supports wired and wireless communication interfaces thereby enabling diverse connectivity options for user defined architectures. GSM/GPRS, WiFi, ethernet are the available connectivity options. The MCMS-01 does not require any special real estate for installation. It can be mounted on a pole or on a wall using the optional mounting brackets provided and appropriate power sources.

iNVH app for Noise, Vibration and Harshness

To understand most NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) related problems, one requires a subjective assessment of the issue, followed by extensive testing in the field with equipment such as data acquisition systems, microphones (for measuring noise), and accelerometers (for measuring vibrations).

iNVH app
iNVH app demo at RBEI

A preliminary testing in the field can greatly aid the subjective assessment in order to plan the testing in a better way. This calls for equipment which is less expensive, yet reliable, with reasonable accuracy and also handy at the same time, and that led to the creation of this app.

iNVH app uses in-built microphone and accelerometer in smart phones to measure noise and vibration. iNVH runs pre-calibrated data for different mobiles and also a manual calibration function in order to improve the accuracy of the data. In comparison to the single value calibration available in the market, the iNVH app uses an octave band based tool.

This allows the user to perform sensitivity correction in every frequency band. The app by default contains noise calibration values for the following smart phones – Galaxy S Duos, Nexus S, Google Nexus 5, Nexus 4, Moto G, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 2, LG Optimus 7, Galaxy S2, HTC Butterfly, and Xperia L. iNVH app allows users to record data – both raw and processed, which can be saved and then sent to engineers at Bosch for further support or feedback. The size of data stored is dependent on the memory available in the smart phone.

iNVH app is a smart tool for field engineers, product development teams, students, amateurs who want simple acoustic measurements. The app’s noise measurement features can detect environmental noise pollution levels that are helpful for city dweller.

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