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Bosch mySpin creates new era in Indian Connected Car space

Bosch mySpinBosch mySpin

mySpin, a smartphone integrating automotive solution from Bosch has created new era in the Indian connected car space.

The mySPIN solution connects smartphone with the car, regardless of whether the device uses iOS or Android.

Bosch collaborated with Indian and Global App providers, choose driver centric smartphone Apps and carefully adapted to use on car’s audio head unit via the touch screen without picking up your smartphone.

Launched in India in 2014, mySpin helps to integrate smartphone on the dashboard touch screen as to access Apps.

Already mySpin attracted the attention of global connected car industry since 2013, making its presence in the regions like Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Russia.

mySpin allows users to access Apps and services directly from the car’s touchscreen  and Bosch claims it is the only solution in India with smart phone Apps in all relevant driver centric categories.

Currently through Bosch’s smartphone integration solution, you can access into Apps including – MapMyIndia, Moneycontrol, Justdial, Car Radio – Internet Radio App from AppSmartz  and  UrSafe – In-car driver and passenger safety App from UST Global  and AccuWeather.

Claus Ritzloff, Sales Director, Bosch SoftTec GmbH and Sri Krishnan V, Vice President, Engineering Unit,-Safety Car Multimedia, Base Software Methods and Tools addressing a media conference in Bangalore

Addressing a media conference at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) division in India, Claus Ritzloff, Sales Director, Bosch SoftTec GmbH,  said, “Car is your third living place after home and office and it has become essential to be connected while moving in vehicle too in safer way.”

Ritzloff said the company has been customizing mySpin solution as per the requirement in regions. For instance, RBEI in India played a key role in partnering with India-centric apps.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is the one OEM that uses mySpin globally including in India. Many more OEMs in India are in talks with Bosch to integrate mySpin in their cars.

He said the number of apps enhanced to include mySPIN functions globally has been rising steadily since 2013.

Bosch’s smartphone integration solution has capability to use in 152 countries. Currently mySpin is partnered with more than 50 Apps globally and nine Apps in India.

Sri Krishnan  V, Vice President, Engineering Unit,-Safety Car Multimedia, Base Software Methods and Tools, said, “Special focus is on navigation and applications such as news, music, shopping and safety. mySPIN helps vehicle user to check emails, meetings and daily news.”

Without much effort user can listen to favorite songs, while checking the weather and choosing a location to ‘navigate to’, Krishnan added.

Users can request a list of top restaurants, hotels to book and any point of interest while moving in their car.

All the above use cases are possible through mySPIN in car without compromising on-road safety.

According to Torsten Mlasko, managing director of Bosch SoftTec GmbH, the carmakers retain at all times full control over the selection of the apps that their customers can use and what happens with the resultant data made available.

This is also an advantage for drivers because they have a trusted partner in their car-maker. In the future, automobile manufacturers could use the mySPIN interface to make vehicle data available to apps.

Demonstrating mySpin solution in a cart to media persons, Guruprasad Krishnaraj, Project Manager-Delivery Lead, Engineering Solutoins-Car Multimedia, RBEI, said that all of the apps approved for mySPIN have been specifically developed for use while driving so that there is as little distraction as possible – assuring greater safety.

Bosch mySpin
Bosch mySpin team and App providers

And Bosch is following Driver Distraction Guidelines as per European Standard while offering smartphone integration as connected car solution in India too.

Around the world, there is a great demand for safe and convenient ways to integrate smartphones into vehicles, due in part to legal regulations.

Bosch mySPIN is committed to make in-car experience more exciting yet in a safe and secured way.

With more than 18,000 associates, Robert Bosch in India is a powerhouse of technology and innovation. Engineers here are responsible for high-level technology innovation and delivering world-class solutions.

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