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Bosch supports electromobility on Indian roads

L to R : Soumitra Bhattacharya, president, Bosch Group India, member of the Board of Management of the Bosch Group responsible for Asia Pacific and Jan-Oliver Rohrl, director, Bosch Ltd addressing a press conference in Bangalore today.
German auto technology major Bosh is Ready to offer portfolio of electrified solutions for the Indian market. 

With more than 40 Indian cities populated with over a million people, Bosch foresees increasing needs of electromobility.

The company said it is ready to offer  range of its electrified solutions  to address India’s individual mobility requirements.

Peter Tyroller, member of the board of management of the Bosch Group responsible for Asia Pacific, said, “Small-vehicle segments will drive the transition to mass electrification, as urban dwellers seek a simple and affordable alternative to conventional standards,”

Despite the focus on electromobility as a longterm alternative, he said the internal combustion engines will still play a major role in the near future – the powertrain of the future will be a mix of electromobility and combustion engines.

“Today, the Indian supplier base is fragmented for electromobility solutions. With the current powertrain offerings from Bosch India, the company aims to bridge this gap and have the first mover advantage, Tyroller added.

Currently, Bosch is in advanced stages of development and plans to move into series production after 2018.

The Indian government targets to an all-electric fleet in the country  by 2030 as well as the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles (FAME) programme offer Bosch a competitive edge.

Bosch has developed an integrated electrification system including motor, control unit, battery, charger, display, and app that can power light two-, three- and fourwheel electric vehicles.

Following its localization strategy, Bosch targets to develop a comprehensive electrification system for the country, which takes India’s environmental conditions and powertrain requirements into account.

In a pilot project, the powertrain system was integrated to define the adaptations required in order to create a powertrain platform specifically tailored to the India market.

Tyroller said the electrification systems from Bosch can easily be integrated with any light vehicle, supporting the manufacturers with their go-to market strategy.

The solution has been made scalable across all performance classes between 0.25-20 kW. This electrified solution delivers high performance even under challenging situations.

The team at Bosch India is working on this solution since 2016, and worked on areas such as prototype development and system integration.

Two-wheelers plays a major role in the Indian transportation network.  Around 1.2 million electric two-wheelers are expected to hit the local market by 2020. Bosch expects particular potential for electromobility in India first across the scooter segment, he said.

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