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Cognitive Technologies study say Russians show interest in autonomous car

The developer of «C-Pilot» autonomous driving system, Cognitive Technologies summed up the sociological survey results among Russian citizens.

Supported by International Robotics Center, MIPT and MISiS, the survey has been conducted on a subject of “what a self-driving vehicle should be”.

The study involved more than 33 thousand people from 36 regions of Russia.

Give men self-driving cars, they want ‘em

According to research results, more than 56% of the citizens surveyed expressed their desire to use an autonomous car. Russian men though are thrice likely to use one with a 42.6% “YES”.

Surprisingly, the greatest interest’s been shown by a group of elderly respondents, 2 out of 3«50+»  voting«for» ADAS-equipped car. The low-age group “under 35” demonstrates a considerable interest as well, and is 60% likely to use a self-driving car.

The number of Russians uncertain about their cars’ autonomous future is 39%, though only a 1% minority exposed their categorical refusal to drive a “know-how-to-better” vehicle.

Netflix and chill > Safety

The first surprise of the study was that, out of all the advantages provided by self-driving cars, Russian citizens preferred the opportunity to engage in their own business to, say, reducing accidents on the roads.

55% prefer having fun in a car(although driving in Russia is a fascinating activity itself). Russian women are more indifferent to the safety problem, nevertheless indicating their 70% interest to painting nails and applying makeup along with the process of driving.

Russians have similar views with the whole world on the potential external fraud threats carried by unmanned vehicles. Fellow citizens in this sense are mostly frightened of a possible ADAS technical failure, noticed by 51% of respondents.Also 29% voted for the impossibility to affect the autonomous driving processin general (those are mostly women fatalists, 47%). Only 16% of the respondents were concerned about a slight possibility of hacking self-driving car intelligence.

Of all the proposed potions for activities while driving an ADAS-equipped car, almost half of Russians chose having a nap. 27% of those polled would’ve dedicated time to work and 17% feel like just having fun.

Noticeably, “having fun” is a low- and middle-age groups’ prerogative (48% and 52% respectively), while working/driving is mostly for those over 50 y.o (44%).

Much driving, very fun

Social networking, games (33%) and watching videos (35%) are preferable activities for a self-driving experience. There’s also a 21% possibility of reading a book while driving an autonomous car.Having sex is for the chosen 0.5%, 8 times less you just be looking out for beautiful views (4%).

Shut up and make my car autonomous …

One of the main research results was the market demand for intelligent driver assistance system (IDAS)   which would appear on the Russian market as early as 2017. More than 28% of Russian citizens have expressed their desire to use an intelligent warning system (dangerous rapprochement, violation of the sign, exit from the band without turning on the signal of a turn signal, etc.). Moreover, the proposed functionality even exceeded the interest in such capabilities of a self-driving vehicle as automatic parking (13%) and autonomous highway traffic (17%), though the most popular option for Russians was the full automation in traffic jams (37%).
Women are more willing to use an intellectual assistant (36% vs 26% of men) and car parking (22% vs 9%) as well, indeed, as elderly-aged group (22%).

… for not more than 15% of its cost

59% of Russians are ready to pay for autonomous driving, but mostly not more than 15% of the car’s cost.
32% of respondents are also ready to pay an extra 30%, still only 8% are willing to pay up to half of car price. Women are again more likely to shell out on buying a self-driving vehicle, twice exceeding the percentage of those men who would buy an expensive ADAS-equipped car.

Question %
1 If you had a chance today to try an autonomous vehicle, what would you do?
  – Woulddefinitelytry. Everything new is interesting for me. 56
  – Rather yes. Something new is a bit troubling, but interest is stronger. 27
  – Probably not. There is a lack of confidence that the technology is tested enough. 12
  – Absolutelynot. 1
  – Difficulttoanswer 4
2 What attracts you the most in autonomous vehicles?
  – Safety 30
  – Opportunity to do other things 55
  – Difficulttoanswer 14
3 What scares you the most in autonomous vehicles?
  – Inability to influence the situation 29
  – Possibility of hacker attack 16
  – Possibility of a technical failure of the system 51
  – Difficulttoanswer 4
4 What would you prefer to do in autonomous vehicle?
  – Work 27
  – Entertain(specifyhow) 17
  – Rest 48
  – Difficulttoanswer 8
  How would you like to entertain in an autonomous vehicle?
  Read 21
  Watch film/TV 35
  Play games/communicate in social networks 33
  Look in the window 4
  Other 7
5 In the coming years, cars will have some capabilities for autonomous driving. Which of the following functions attracts you the most:
  – soundwarnings about dangerous situations (dangerous approaches, violation of the signs, turning without  signal, loss of control due to fatigue etc.); 28
  – leave the car and it parks by itself 13
  – release the steering wheel in a traffic jam, car moves autonomously in the given lane, maintaining the distance to the car in front;; 37
  – release the steering wheel, car moves autonomously in the given lane at a given speed and maintaining the distance to the car in front; 17
  – Difficulttoanswer 5
6 How much are you willing to pay for installation of software and hardware that will allow your car move autonomously?
  –       up to 15% of the current value of the vehicle; 59
  –       up to 30% of the current value of the vehicle; 32
  –       up to 50% of the current value of the vehicle; 8
  –       more than 50% of the current value of the vehicle; 1

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