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Elektrobit releases cloud based tool for connected car

ElektrobitElektrobit, a global supplier of embedded software and cloud-based solutions and services for the automotive industry, has released EB cadian, a cloud-based service for focused and customizable remote analysis of vehicle performance.

EB cadian will provide auto makers with a new tool to deliver insights they can leverage to optimize the value chain, save time and money in vehicle development and maintenance.

Remote analytics solutions are particularly effective in the continuous evolution of the fleet. In the web-frontend of EB cadian, carmakers can create specific, on-demand surveys without the need for permanent data transfer, and collect a wide variety of usage and performance data from sources like driver assistance components, battery life, emissions and infotainment systems.

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Surveys are highly customizable, which enables the auto makers to focus on the data that they require and minimizing the data transfer. EB cadian also allows the vehicle manufacturers to determine a very specific target group for the surveys.

Dr. Rainer Holve, Head of Connected Car at Elektrobit, said, “Remote analytics allow carmakers to create value out of the data from their fleet. By remotely evaluating vehicle performance, EB cadian enables them to optimize the development and customer service.”

EB cadian securely stores survey data in a scalable cloud environment that car manufacturers can use to their present requirements and fleet size.

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