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India Electronics Week 2017 reflects increasing demand for auto electronics

India Electronics WeekEFY expo

India Electronics Week 2017 (IEW 2017), an international electronics expo organized by the EFY magazine group, has reflected the trend of increasing demand for automotive solutions in the electronics sector.

The IEW show accommodated exhibitors ranging from auto electronics component maker to IoT solution provider for the automotive industry.

India Electronics Week is a three day event that kick-started on Thursday at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bangalore, bringing multiple shows and conferences together at one place.

In the interaction with several exhibitors in the trade show, Automotive India News could understand the raising importance for electronics in the automotive sector.

In addition to the companies involved in hardware form of electronics, the next generation technology providers in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) too showcased their expertise in the smart automotive segment.


Among other notable exhibitors, the United States-headquartered conformal coating giant Humiseal has showcased its conformal coating solutions used to protect automotive electronic assemblies.

Currently the company has been supplying its coating products to the Indian automotive industry through its channel partner Pune-based Drive Technologies.

Talking to Automotive India News, Pradeep  Parulekar, Managing Partner of Pune-based Drive Technologies, said, “Conformal coating material is applied to electronic circuitry to act as protection against moisture, dust, humidity, damage caused by insects, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

Another conformal coating specialist, the UK-based Electrolube too has showcased its solutions like advanced encapsulation resins and conformal coating for range of applications.


Sharing details about the company, Padmanabha Shakthivelu, Electrolube General Manager – India, said the company has been in existence in India since 2012. It also has its manufacturing facility in Peenya Industrial Estate in Bangalore.

Shakthivelu said around 30 percent of the company’s business comes from the automotive sector.

A Coimbatore-based start-up CleanenerGy Logan Innovations has attracted the visitors by displaying its green solutions in the automotive sector.

CleanenergyGaganesan Rangaswamy, Director of CleanenerGy, said the company has developed world’s first ever 30 minutes quick battery charger christened “Athievega” for Battery-backed electric vehicles.

Rangaswamy said, “We have completed our R&D in battery charger and it will recharge the EVs in 30 minutes (Full Charge), which will make a revolutionary change in EV utilization.

Hyderabad-based CYRRUP is another start-up that created hype in the expo with its unique Telematics solution.

Gaurav Kumar, Director of CYRRUP, said the company is for all innovations in the fields like IoT and Telematics.

CYRRUPCYRRUP has telematics solutions for live vehicle tracking, video footage of road and people in vehicle, speed tracking, panic button for safety of people and alcohol level detection among others.

Another IoT company Net2Point has demonstrated its smart sensor camera, which can be used to track inside the commercial vehicles including bus.

Not only technology companies, also a HR firm Bharat Head Hunters Pvt Ltd (BHH) has attracted the interest of the visiting CEOs from the smart automotive, embedded systems and IoT fields.

The smart manufacturing solution provider like Moxa India too showcased its 4.0 industrial solutions in the trade fair.

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