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India to create digital platforms and mobile apps for logistics

LogisticsThe Indian government will create digital platforms and mobile apps for logistics like Warehouse Information Tracking and Trading Yard (WITTY) and other such development platforms. This is to  help mapping of warehousing and logistics in India.

Disclosing this information at a virtual conference hosted by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on ‘Streamlining the Logistics and Warehousing Sectors, Pawan Kumar Agarwal, Special Secretary, (Logistics), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, said, “During the times of COVID-19, there has been a disruption in the supply chain, movement of truck drives, and other forms of transformation that have been resolved in the best possible way.”

He said that for the long-term improvement and modernization of logistics, it should be understood this sector is highly fragmented and, there is a need to understand the logistics sector for better clarity.

It’s time to regulate the logistics further more. We need to formulate logistics services that will help to reduce the cost and integrate the other aspects of the logistics industry. Digitization of logistics is something that is the need of the hour that will help to increase the working capacity and transportation efficiency.

Speaking at the conference, Capt. T S Ramanujam, CEO, Logistics Sector Skill Council, noted that logistics has become an integral part of the manufacturing.

Warehousing was considered essential for transportation but, now it is considered a major value addition for manufacturing.

We need to formulate logistics services that will help to reduce the cost and integrate the other aspects of the logistics industry, says Pawan Kumar Agarwal

He highlighted that manufacturing has become more automation with less intervention of manpower; there is a need for integration of product schedule with material management. As the world is driving towards e-commerce, there is a need for fulfilment centre and inventory is critically important for data management and optimization of assets.

Process efficiency is critical for the smooth working of the supply chain by measuring performance efficiency. We need to ensure the safety of transportation and other processes as well. We can manage all these future needs with the help of skill training that can help to boost the knowledge of the product, process, and people management. He also deliberated about the initiatives undertaken by Logistics Sector Skill Council (LSC) during the times of COVID-19 and is trying its best to resolve issues through these initiatives.

In his presidential address, D K Aggarwal, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated the importance and smooth functioning of the logistics sector despite the lockdown and disruption.

He discussed the issues and challenges faced by the industry while included disruption in a shipment coming from China; hike in fuel prices; lack of health cover for transportation labor, drivers and effort to bring back the migrant labours for the warehouses and many more.

Ramesh Agarwal, Chairman, Logistics Development Committee, PHD Chamber deliberated about the present situation of logistics and warehouses in the present times. He mentioned that there is a need to reduce the logistics cost and streamline this industry for boosting the development of the country.

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