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Rohm, IME to develop AI chip for smart factories

ROHM Leaders at A Star Meeting

Japanese semiconductor giant ROHM Semiconductor and A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME), a world renowned research institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research  have joined hands to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) chip to boost efficiency in predictive maintenance for smart factories.

Predictive maintenance forecasts machine failures, and it involves monitoring the function and health of machines, and identifying potential problems based on data received through device logs and sensors, and eventually taking counter-measures such as repairing or replacing the affected machine.

ROHM and IME will develop an AI chip that is capable of processing and analyzing data as soon as they are received by a sensor node. This significantly reduces the amount of sensor data to be transmitted wirelessly to a central computer serverfor them to befurther processed and analyzed.

Leveraging ROHM’s original AI analytical algorithms, and IME’s capabilities in ultra-low power analog/digital integrated circuit and systems, as well as analog computation circuits developed byboth parties, the research collaboration will enable the developed chip to filter volumes of data across multiple sensors, and analyze complex data patterns in real-time.(Please refer to Figure 2 for overview of chip with artificial intelligence algorithmsin Annex A).

Rohm’s new AIchip is expected to perform faster than the conventional method for predictive maintenance as well as reduce power consumption, paving the way for greater asset productivity and lower overall maintenance costs.

ROHM has plans for the AI chip to be compatible with wireless technologies such as Wi-SUN, and EnOcean , and incorporate the chip to its proprietary sensor nodes and wireless modules.

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