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Scania, Ericsson Join hands for commercial vehicle connectivity


Scania and Ericsson will carry researches to accelerate the connectivity of commercial vehicles and improve transport infrastructure.

Swedish commercial vehicle giant Scania and mobile major Ericsson have joined hands as they are convinced that advances in communications technologies and future deployments of 5G networks will enable improvements in the transport of people and cargo.

The partnership between both the companies has been revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Håkan Schildt, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Scania’s Connected Services and Solutions business unit, said, “We’ve been speaking about introducing vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications for quite some time but now it’s really taking shape.”

The Swedish commercial vehicle maker is seeing reliable communications through mobile network.

Latest developments in LTE and 5G standardization have raised opportunities for dedicated vehicle-to-vehicle communications using the mobile network while minimizing risks of unpredictability and latency.

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Research by Ericsson and Scania has revealed that reliable communications can be established using 4G and future 5G networks.

In a wider perspective, vehicle-to-infrastructure communications is an enabler for system-wide platooning in planning and organizing the formation and dissolution of platoons according to route and schedule. Trucks can thus join and leave platoons in an optimal manner.

The video seen below shows more about platooning from Scania

According to Claes Herlitz, Head of Automotive at Ericsson. “In view of the enormous benefits, we’re convinced that vehicle-to-vehicle communications will be implemented by transport operators of all types.”

Addressing the challenges posed by growing passenger and freight volumes, enhanced communications can contribute to greater logistics efficiency and thereby reduced environmental impact, Herlitz said.

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