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Schaeffler reveals its electric mobility programmes at IAA Frankfurt 2017

Schaeffler, a leading global integrated automotive and industrial supplier, is leveraging its expertise in engineering to become a total system supplier of electric axles and electrified drive systems that are also used in production plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The company said it supports its automotive customers to develop vehicle and powertrain concepts that reduce emissions.

Making an announcement in this regard in the ongoing IAA Frankfurt 2017 (International Motor Show), Schaeffler said it is prepared for the forward-thinking field of electric mobility as well, with comprehensive system solutions enabling tailor-madefully electric mobility for the future.

In the future, the company said the electric powertrain technologies such as electric axles will be managed by the new “E-Mobility” business unit in which Schaeffler is pooling all products and system solutions for hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Currently Schaeffler is working on several volume production orders for high-performance high-voltage hybrid modules and electric axles for battery-driven vehicles without internal combustion engines.

Electric drive systems such as 48-volt hybrid modules enabling a vehicle to pull off on electric power, maintain speed in urban traffic in fully electric mode and recuperate braking energy are part of Schaeffler’s product portfolio as well. These technologies yield considerable savings potential even at moderate cost, thus help protect the environment.

Matthias Zink CEO Automotive Schaeffler AG, said, “Proceeding from individual products, Schaeffler, from an overall perspective on electrified powertrain topologies, is going to evolve into a company providing technological total system solutions,” Schaeffler’s innovative latest generation E-Axle is being showcased by the supplier at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Schaeffler’s development of the electric axle provides a modular kit solution for hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles. The range of E-Axles starts with a single-speed ratio unit featuring a coaxial or parallel-axis design. Due to the planetary-type differential, the transmission is extremely compact and offers ample assembly space for the electric motor, which is available either as a PSM (permanently excited synchronous motor) or as an ASM (asynchronous motor) with or without power electronics.

Tailored software solutions for instance ensure loss-free torque transfer or control the perfect interaction between the propulsion units on the total system level. Thus, Schaeffler is able to implement fast control algorithms and customer-specific functions and to validate them on in-house test benches.

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