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Triumph Motorcycles India drives in Tiger Explorer XCx 1215cc

Triumph Motorcycles India sees adventure category in the luxury motorcycle segment has huge growth potential in India.

Adventure motorcycling giant Triumph Motorcycles India launch new Tiger Explorer Xcx for the Indian market. The two wheeler maker has priced the new Triumph Explorer XCx at Rs 18,75,000 across India.

The company is pitching the new Triumph Explorer XCx  to address raising demand in the Indian adventurous motorcycling market.

Triumph Motorcycles India , Managing Director,  Vimal Sumbly, said ,“The Triumph Tiger family has been pivotal in building the adventure riding category and culture in India.   With more than 800 customers in India,  Triumph does not just deliver great motorcycles,  also create an ecosystem in which the rider is equipped with the skill sets to ride deftly and safely”.

The new Triumph Explorer XCx is designed to excel off-road. The XCx model is capable of performing in any environment.

The Explorer XCx features a 1215cc triple engine, exclusive in the large capacity adventure segment, delivering its power through a final shaft drive. The triple engine’s power is delivered smoothly and progressively across the rev and speed ranges through its linear torque curve. A torque-assisted clutch makes the clutch action incredibly light. The engine performance is also enhanced through a new exhaust system, with a distinctive resonant note.

The Tiger Explorer XCx is a first-in-class electrically adjustable screen that allows the rider to constantly tailor aero protection and comfort while riding.

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