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Turtle Wax enters India with car care products

Turtle WaxChicago-based global car care leader Turtle Wax entered into the Indian market by launching a rage of products that suit any skill level and address challenges that most drivers and motorcyclists face.

From the Hybrid Solutions Ceramic range to the Quick & Easy range designed for novice users, the company has products for cars looking great and protected from the difficult Indian climate.

Denis John Healy, Turtle Wax’s Executive Chairman, said, “Our entry into the Indian market adds a fantastic new chapter to our history. Unarguably India is the most vibrant and diverse automobile market in the world.  and we are confident of Turtle Wax’s position as one of the leading car care brands in India.”

Car Car Products

The car care major will add its Professional series and Ceramic coating range to the existing portfolio as it will be partnering with OEMs across the country.

Puravangara, Country Manager and Director of Turtle Wax Car Care India said, “We have entered India with the launch of a complete range of products to give our customers the flexibility and options they seek – {“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”61d8b980-9cce-4b68-a8d0-73e53fa4c962″,”srcRootClientId”:””}some of our products are genuinely tailored for India and Indian car care challenges.:

Distribution Pattern

While the company has multiple distributors across India, it also plans to setup branded loyalty detailing stores to provide its variety of innovative services and products for personalized customer selection.

Turtle Wax also plans to bring its interest for road trips, vintage cars and car shows to India with a series of events and videos in the near future.

Its India launch products includes :-
• ICE SNOW FOAM WASH for experiencing Car Spa at residence with rich foam car wash
• QUICK & EASY INTERIOR 1 CLEANER for 1 -step cleaning of all fabric, carpets & vinyl
• TURTLE WAX INSIDE & OUT PROTECTANT for shiny plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces
• ICE SEAL N SHINE infused with Carnauba wax that seals in shine and protects car paint
• ODOR-X Travel spray for refreshing fragrance with Caribbean Crush Scent
• CLEARVUE RAIN REPELLANT for smear-free windshield glass for clear visibility during monsoon.

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