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Volvo encourage girls in India on mechanical engineering for automobile

Volvo Group is encouraging the girls to take mechanical engineering course, which is generally considered as the course for men in India.

Based on interviews done with girl students by Volvo Group, data shows that there is a perception that the mechanical engineers will be involved in technical jobs with a lot of field work, which is better-suited for men.

In reality, mechanical engineers have a wide range jobs like planning, design, analysis, manufacturing, or management.

Women are less than 10 percent of mechanical engineering undergraduate students in most universities in India and the number drops even further when it comes to post-graduation. The common perception is that mechanical engineering is typically a male realm, whereas Information Technology is more for females.

These are the most exciting times for the automotive industry; this is a revolution of sorts. A lot of work remains to be done in collaboration with Mechanical engineers with respect to with automation, connectivity and electro mobility.

Today a team of 14 female engineers celebrated “Mechanical Engineering Experience for Girls” event by connecting with 42 girl school students and teachers at Bangalore to create awareness about the fields of automotive technology and mechanical engineering.

The daylong event included tours of the Research and Development office and the Volvo Group Trucks Factory and helped create awareness around the career opportunities for mechanical engineers for young aspiring girls who wish to join technology courses.

Women Engineers at Volvo Group provided exposure around mechanical engineering to the girl students and also spoke about the automotive history and the recent trends in engineering.

Kamal Bali, President & MD, Volvo Group – India, said, “Diversity and inclusion is at the core of Volvo Group and is one of the contributing factors of our success globally, and in India.”

Volvo Group engineering community is constantly working together to improve the global transportation solutions and both men and women engineers are playing a strong role. We’re also very focused on women in technology and building inclusion in engineering, Bali said.

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