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Volvo India creates skill awareness in CE segment with Operator Champion contest

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo has taken a step forward in creating awareness in efficient operating of construction equipment on site in India by successfully conducting its first ever Operator Champion contest.

Sharing details to visiting media persons at Volvo’s facility in Hoskote near Bangalore today, Dimtrov Krishnan, Vice President, Volvo Construction Equipment India, said the company has conducted the contest in order to create awareness on safety and efficiency among the operators.

Dimtrov Krishnan, Vice President, Volvo Construction Equipment India“Our Operator Champion programme has received excellent response from the Industry. We are celebrating the tremendous value that Equipment Operators bring to the Construction and Mining industry. Their role in nation building is to be celebrated,” Krishnan said.

Through this Operator Champion program, he said the company has connected with so many Operators and their networks around the country.

“Our aim has been to make each one of them realise the important role they play, improve their competence and confidence. And to the winners, we hope the prize money will change their life to an extent,” he added.

India is facing huge challenges in terms of infrastructure development and it’s essential to focus on skills development to help meet the ambitious targets we face. The men and women that sit at the controls of our equipment have the power to deliver real change in our built environment and this is something we should be celebrating as a nation, he said.

Volvo CE, which sold more around 15,000 construction equipments so far in India, said it believes that by creating the best operating environment and systems, greater machine productivity can be delivered.

Volvo is regarded as one of the best construction equipment makers in the world.

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In the first ever competition in India, Bheemappa K.S from Karnataka bagged first prize and Narendra Singh from Rajasthan received runners up awards.

The winners were announced after the three day event of the Operator Champion that took place between March 14-16 the Volvo CE headquarters in Bangalore.

The three day event welcomed each of the winners from the nine regional heats, which were staged over the past 18 months. Volvo CE has also used the event to highlight the importance of skills development in the construction industry and the vital role played by equipment operators.

In addition to receiving the Operator Champion trophy, the winner received a cheque for Rs 5 lakh, while the runners up each received 2 lakh rupees.

H S Mohan, Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council, Gaurav Kapoor, head- industry partnership & CSR at SCC Engagements, part of the National Skill Development Corporation and Dimtrov Krishnan, Vice President, Volvo Construction Equipment India after addressing a media conference at Volvo Headquarters near Bangalore

Addressing the media conference, Gaurav Kapoor, head- industry partnership & CSR at SCC Engagements, part of the National Skill Development Corporation, said this kind of competition will increase demand for skilled operators in India.

Kapoor said the union government has also been offering subsidies to the training institutes to train the operators and certify them.

H S Mohan, Chief  Executive Officer, Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC) said the council has so far certified 2500 operators. The main intention of IESC to train the CE operators to increase their skill levels.

Mohan said that IESC has 43 training partners like Volvo CE and 172 trainers. The certified operators can apply for around 32 job roles in the construction equipment industry.

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