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Waaree backs Electric Solar car developed by Indian students


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Waaree Energies Ltd is sponsoring the making of Electric Solar Vehicle by the VJTI RACING – the collegiate club of VJTI College, Mumbai.

The VJTI RACING club has been regularly participating in the automotive related events involving manufacturing of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and formula-type cars.

The idea of Mumbai-collegiate club is to design a vehicle that is feasible enough to be manufactured on commercial scale and also economically viable for all sections of society.

The car, which is powered by 2KW BLDC motor along with well-engineered power transmission, uses seamless pipe chassis that makes it easier for production.

It has a compact design and provides high maneuverability and short turning radius. The car’s motor and transmission features are being designed as to help the vehicle to achieve high speeds with low consumption of power.

The area and positioning of solar panels is chosen with utmost optimization so that all energy requirements are met. The electric-cum-solar driven car is fitted with Li-ion batteries by virtue of their less charging time, increased output and at the same time reducing the overall weight.

JigneshRathod – SBU head at Waaree Energies, said “It is a pioneering car design in the field of technology, optimization & sustainability. We hope our small contribution for this venture turns out to be fruitful & the vehicle attains the outreach it is destined to reach”.

To ensure safety of the car, the student club provides dual braking system, which is full proof and reduces probability of failures. The electric solar car also consists of an over-travel switch to reduce damage due to panic braking.

Thanking Waree Energies, a student from the VJTI RACING club, said  commented, “We are delighted with this support and believe in the vision of Waaree energies and solar power. However, to do this in a larger scale and make solar vehicle a big hit, the country needs better infrastructure and definitely the same zeal towards renewable energy demonstrated by the current government”.

A unique feature in the car is the distress caller for driver safety. Other innovations include regenerative circuits to maximize power usage.

It may be noted that the solar cars and battery-driven electric cars are becoming more familiar among the engineering college students in India in recent times for their projects.

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A solar car developed by a team of students from RV College of Engineering (RVCE) in Bangalore, has attracted  the attention of many eco-friendly vehicle manufacturers.

The single seater solar car designed by RVCE Solar Car Team has been showcased on the global stage by taking part in the World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Australia in October 2015, a 3000 km endurance race from Darwin to Adelaide.

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