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Wafer Space steals show in IESA Vision Summit 2017 with advanced auto solutions

Wafer Space

India-based technology major Wafer Space has showcased its latest automotive electronic solutions at the ongoing IESA Vision Summit 2017, attracting the interest of thousands of visitors.

Wafer Space has displayed its advanced prototype model of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) based Connected Car Concept using Image Processing Algorithm at IESA summit in Bangalore.

IESA Vision Summit 2017 is organized by India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), the premier trade body, representing the Indian electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM)

The embedded technology solution provider said it has set higher goals in the areas of ADAS, Vehicle Diagnostics, AUTOSAR, Telematics, Infotainment and Instrument Clusters.

Sharing details with Automotive India News at IESA Vision Summit 2017, Rahul Malvi, Chief Executive Officer of Wafer Space, said, “With a combination of platform and AUTOSAR expertise, the Wafer Space team can enable new hardware platforms for AUTOSAR.”

In addition to development, Malvi said the automotive test team has extensive experience in functional testing, system testing and model based testing.

Rahul Malvi, Chief Executive Officer of Wafer SpaceMalvi himself has a strong background in semiconductor and chip designing space and sees the automotive sector as a key segment that has been creating new demands in the electronics R&D in recent years.

The automotive is the area which is poised for growth. Wafer Space is doing some real R&D in the areas where many service companies are not focusing on.

“We are trying to bring in some new technologies like machine learning and see how we can incorporate them in automotive space. The company has expertise in delivering solutions in all most all aspects of self-driving car.”

Further, he said the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a strong focus area for Wafer Space, which has deep expertise and knowledge in all the aspects required to build a complete IOT solution. This includes expertise in sensor interfacing, connectivity protocols, embedded software development and mobile application development.

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He said the company has the expertise required for end to end design and development of Embedded Systems for multiple vertical markets.

“In our in-house center of excellence, we have developed a set of frameworks and reusable components that help enable quick and efficient implementation of complex product solutions.

Wafer Space has its design centres in Bangalore (India) and California (USA) with prominent presence in Malaysia.

Six years ago, Wafer Space was founded with the ideals of providing true value in design services to its clients in the semiconductor and embedded industry. Today the company has emerged as one of the key design house in the country, catering to international markets.

Wafer Space

At present, Wafer Space gets 15-20 percent of its business from the advanced automotive solutions while around 60 percent comes from pure semiconductor area.

Wafer Space has set up its stall for the first time at IESA Vision Summit 2017 and evoked amazing response from the visitors.

The company’s revenue has been growing in the range of CAGR 50 percent in the past five years, indicating the demand for its products in the semiconductor field.  The employee strength too grown rapidly in the past two years, he added.

More than 200 engineers are currently working with Wafer Space and the company is expected to expand its workforce to 500 people in the next three years while also strengthening its team in the United States. The company is building core engineering team in the US.

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Many of its customers are from the developed markets like the United States. He also said there is high potential in India in the automotive R&D space.

Further, Malvi added the company is in talks with top educational institutions like IIT and IISC in India to have technology project tie-ups.

The company’s prototype ADAS-supported car showcased for the first time at ESC 2016 (Embedded Systems Conference) in Bangalore in  2016, creating hype in the advanced auto electronics industry.

The ADAS technology developed by Wafer Space alerts the driver and passengers inside the car when other vehicles plying onroad nears it.

To know more details about wafer space, you can click www,waferspace.com 

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