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RBEI Tech Trends 2018 highlights growing importance for tech-driven urban mobility

RBEI Tech Trends 2018

RBEI Tech Trends 2018 event organized by Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) has thrown light on growing importance for technology-driven urban mobility. The event touched various subjects related to growing urbanization and related issues in connection with urban mobility. Addressing the gathering,Vijay Ratnaparkhe, President and Managing Director of …

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How an Indian origin teen excited on new car license in US?

Volvo XC40 SUV

Learning driving is an excitement for teens. And selecting a car after getting their driving license is still more exciting process. Here explains Anusha Ramesh, an Indian origin American, of her experience….. Once we high schoolers get our freshly printed driver’s licenses, the next agenda is to get a set …

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MIPI DevCon 2017 highlights interface standards to support automotive market

Peter Lefkin, Managing Director, MIPI Alliance

MIPI DevCon 2017, a technical event organised by MIPI Alliance, has highlighted the new mobile technologies emerging for automotive industry. The MIPI Alliance is an international organization that develops specifications for mobile and mobile-influenced industries. As mobile technology rapidly expands into areas such as automotive, augmented/virtual reality and IoT, adopting MIPI …

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Accelerating Design in Vehicle Electronics Using a System Optimising Compiler

  -by Giles Peckham & Adam Taylor Automotive electrical systems have experienced rapid technological growth thanks to Moore’s law. Modern automobiles have evolved from simple engine electrical systems, coupled with an AM radio. Today’s modern vehicles contain several advanced electronic systems, performing such functions as engine control, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems …

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Tesla Vs Audi : A Latest Battle at Level 3

Amidst of all the driverless noise, Audi announces their premium segment car, A8, loaded with cameras, LiDars, and what not, importantly, with extra layers of checkpoints and hardware, to knuckle down the driver if he is not paying attention, to basically solve the problem that the SAE’s Level 3 autonomy …

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Connected Automated Driving- A Way Forward

Magesh Srinivasan

By  Magesh Srinivasan, Head – Connected Car ,HCL Technologies ‘Mixed traffic’, is not the latest Cocktail on the Bar menu, but a subject of intense research and development in the field of Connected Automated Driving. It is the cumulative efforts of various R&D teams to establish a system that can …

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Hello Indians, take driving in United States

Ramesh Harikrishnan

The immediate dream of Indians settling down in the United States is buying a house and owning a car. But a challenging part in buying car is learning to drive the vehicle as engaging chauffer is not affordable in USA. Writes Anusha Ramesh. Indians are living in all 50 states …

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Auto cyber security gets special focus in Amtel 2017

Amtel 2017

Emerging trends in Internet of Things and automotive cyber security attracted the participants in the Amtel 2017, India’s premium event on the future of automotive mobility. The two day conference held on June 15-16 in Bangalore discussed the details in depth in Automotive Mobility, Telematics and Connected Vehicles field. While …

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